Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is based on the fundamental principles of the organization in support of the overall mission:  “To help those in our community cope with the stress of brain injury.”  The Board has identified the following initiatives to advance the priorities as defined in this plan.

Key Priority:  To provide outreach to the community promoting awareness and support.

Supportive Outreach

The support group primarily serves adults; survivors and their loved ones.  Monthly support group meetings are scheduled throughout the year, with plans to offer educational segments quarterly.  The support group meetings are held at:

North Collier Fire Station 45
1885 Veterans Park Drive
Naples, FL 34109

We meet on the 3rd Monday of the month, from 1pm-3pm.


  • Educational programming will be vetted through the Board.  The Brain Injury Association of Florida serves as a source of reference, in addition to community-based sources.  Proposed topics for this year include:  nutrition, wellness, home-based activity programs, neuropsychology, rehab medicine—with the focus on new developments in health promotion & recovery.
  • Membership growth is a priority for the organization.  Currently the adult membership is at 20, with goals to grow to 30.  Consideration would be given to expanding to two sessions; 25 is considered optimal for support group dynamics.
  • Have an annual social event for members during the holiday season.
  • Explore expansion of the scope to pediatric populations.
  • Develop Peer Visitor Program for people newly affected by brain injury in association with the local rehabilitation hospital, The Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging & Rehabilitation, and in affiliation with The Brain Injury Peer Visitor Association.  Additional opportunity to be explored is with Lee Health System.
  • Explore expansion of resources to rent a space to hold support group meetings, social events, and add art, music and other therapies
  • Identify options related to improving access to recovery services specific to brain injury recovery.

Public Awareness

Currently, MAUI  has promotional materials including a website, a tri-fold brochure, and a flyer on fundraiser campaigns and an educational activity book for children.  Additionally, there are an estimated 356 Facebook friends of the organization.


  • Posting Annual Report on website.
  • Explore options for a newsletter.
  •  Explore additional promotional campaign strategies.
  •  Network with Collier County Public School System related to pediatric population needs & promotional campaign.
  •  Consider additional options related to raising public awareness of services & events.
  •  Develop a Speakers’ Bureau.

Key Priority:   Develop financial health related to advancing the mission.

Administrative Expenses

Currently expenses are directly tied to basic business entity requirements.  There are no expenses associated with the community outreach efforts, and yet this is a limiting factor associated with advancing the mission.


  • Finalize FY2020 Budget.
  • Obtain Directors’ & Officers’ Insurance.

Funding Sources

Current initiatives include fundraiser strategies with limited results.  Plans for the coming year include expanding the financial base of support through a variety of channels.


  • Create a Wish-List for sponsorship of projects/needs at staged donation levels.
  •  Explore Planned Giving options.  Identify a donor base.
  •  Explore joint fundraising campaign opportunities with other local organizations.
  •  Revisit product-based fundraiser strategies.
  •  Develop a mailing list.
  • Explore foundations & grants.
  • Pursue Individual Cultivation strategies through social events.
  • Explore corporate sponsorships
  • Identify thanking strategies.

Key Priority:  Develop infra-structure of the organization to support functions.

Organization Structure

MAUI  is classified as a 501c (3).  It has a functioning Board, with defined roles and responsibilities.  Recent changes in Board membership have resulted in voids in key leadership positions.  Currently there are eight active Board members; the goal is to have twelve.  This will be a year of rebuilding expertise and resources pursuant to advancing the overall mission.


  • Recruit new Board members based on expertise and commitment to advancing organizational objectives.
  • Launch a letter campaign going out to key community leaders.
  • Develop a bio-profile for Board members on website.
  • Consider a formal consultation related to organizational development strategies, examples of resources could include:  SCORE.

Organizational Functions

Establishing formal business practices will afford better opportunities for advancing of agendas.


  • Utilize a Strategic Plan tool to outline initiatives, plan timing, evaluate resource needs and assign accountabilities, document progress toward advancing key priorities of the organization.
  • Establish a standing agenda for Board meetings so that reporting on progress toward key priorities is consistent.
  • Create sub-committees aligned with key priorities.