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Miracles Among Us, Inc.

Restoring Lives One Brain At A Time


  • Planet Green Fundraiser

Did you know that you can recycle your ink cartridges and many small electronics to help Miracles Among Us, Inc. raise funds.  You can also purchase ink for your printers from the same company and we also make a commission on all sales.  Please help us clean up the planet and raise money at the same time.

  • Going Green to Make Miracles

Can you imagine a program that allows you to:


  •          That can make your home safer for you and your family
  •          No extra money out of your pocket
  •          The possibility for you to earn extra money

Help Miracles Among Us, Inc. raise funds to help pay for needed treatment to continue in the recovery from brain injuries

For more information

please contact us at:

Phone:  239-529-5284